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We do not have any pricing on our menus. Each item is priced out separately. Please feel free to

choose as many items as you would like, we do not have a set limit as to what you should order. Once you have come up with your tentative menu, please e-mail with your selections. As soon as we receive your menu, we will be able to quote you a price per person.


Please be sure to include the following with your menu:


1. Tentative number of people


2. Date


3. Venue Location


4. Whether you would like it to be a delivery only (we bring the food in all disposable containers

to your location, carry it to the location of where you would like to store or serve the food and

leave). A delivery fee may apply depending on the location. For a delivery only we do not

provide chafers and sterno to keep your food warm. This would be applied as a rental fee if you

would like the use of them. Serving spoons, tongs, etc. are also not provided with this service.




A served affair with staff (a staff stays to serve the food-buffet style, clear tables, clean-up, wrap-

up leftover food, and leave). The charge for this will be $1.50/person base staff fee + 15% gratuity.


5. Any rental items you would be interested in having us provide. If you are using our services to do both the catering and rentals, there are some waived fees. 


6. Do you want us to provide table service (i.e. plates, napkins, silverware-disposable or



Thank you,

S & M Catering

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